Helium Balloons and not forgetting the tassles...

New to Beau's Boutique this month are our helium balloons woo hoo!!!! I'm totally obsessed with balloons this month, not one to try anything new by half. So it took at least 3 weeks going back and forth with 17 different balloon suppliers (not really 17 - but it felt like it!!!) picking my favourite balloons to sell in the Boutique.

Firstly I started with super sized large numbers, my daughter Beau turned 10 last week so I was officially our first balloon customer :) I picked dark pink for Beau then realised rose gold is bang on trend for balloons so added those to my order too then saw silver numbers so also added those, oh dear! So now I have pink blue silver and rose gold super sized numbers covered!!!

So is anyone else obsessed with unicorns?  They went straight in the basket!!! Along with rainbows and sparkly hearts and stars and a couple of sausage dogs for good measure (who wouldn't love a sausage dog!)
So you'd think that would be that, but I had the mine field of curling ribbon and balloon weights to choose from and no exaggeration but there's about 150 different colours and designs, I really don't want to get this wrong. I picked my favourite colours and anything pretty! My basket is now full to the brim and I've spoken to the balloon vendor in Clacton more than my husband and keep calling him Hun! Hope he doesn't think I'm too much of a weirdo?! So with the bank balance a little lighter I'm rather excited to receive my first order and meet said balloon man from Clacton....as he is personally delivering my first order along with a large canister of helium (whole new ball game that one)
So just to feed my balloon obsession whilst waiting for my order to arrive I foolishly start to instagram ballons WOW!!! You lot are pretty bloody good at this. Ok so I have to join the balloon creators and bring these fabulous creations to Kings Langley so I now have added tassels to our fabulous balloons and they all look amazing and I want one of each especially the super sized unicorns!!!

It has become tradition in our house to buy balloons for the kids birthdays, my son Charlie who is now 14 and daughter Beau love it on the morning of their birthdays to see their age hovering above their presents.... kids today ❤️

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