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East of India Special Friend Porcelain Pebble

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East Of India Special Friend Porcelain Pebble

Give a symbolic token to celebrate a special friendship with this truly beautiful sentimental pebble from East Of India.

This sentimental pebble may only at first seem a small token to give, but to receive such beautiful words on a delicate stone will mean a great deal to someone who formed a close bond and shared memorable experiences.

Fashioned into the shape of a beach pebble, this piece of polished white porcelain is indented with the words:

Special Friend

The indented lettering is filled with black ink to make it stand out from the pebble, and the lettering can be easily felt when you run a finger over it. The pebble has a lovely, tactile quality and on the other side is an engraving of a delicate wreath embellished with a heart, to symbolise the never-ending nature of true friendship.

This East Of India Special Friend Sentimental Pebble would make the most touching gift to give for a birthday or Christmas and to show that a friend is never far from our thoughts, however far away they are.

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